Traditional campaign
Northern Europe to Spain

From November to March, when the Spanish markets are looking for new potatoes for human consumption, we’re working to locate the best of these crops across Europe. We collaborate with a large group of growers in France, Holland and Germany, who provide us with batches of preserved potatoes with just the right characteristics and quality for our customers.

Our partners have facilities for the preservation, selection. grading, preparation and packaging of their potatoes. Which means we supply pre-packed products to our wholesale customers and bulk products (in big bags) to our packaging and storage customers.

Wide variety of potato types

Potatoes for home frying

(Jelly, Caesar, Agría)

Potatoes for the food service industry

(Agría, Fontane, Lady Anna, Markies)

Potatoes for garnish

(Princesse, Amandine, Blanche, Valery)

Potatoes for baking

(Charlotte, Annabelle, Jazzy)

Bargain potatoes

(Marabel, Melody, Spunta)

Red skin potatoes

(Mozart, Manitou, Rudolph)

Washed potato

(Agata, Monalisa y Soprano)

Potatoes for the chip industry

(Lady Amarilla, Lady Claire)